Bogey Desert 2017-01-15

A Battle Golf map set in a desert oasis.

  1. Almighty Nubs
    IMG_1316.PNG This is a Battle Golf map I made for the Halo Customs Battle Golf forge contest. It is supposed to be an oasis in some random desert.

    This map, like the 343 one, changes every round. The 1st round is just the normal map, the 2nd round puts a sandstorm on the map and adds a couple gravity boosts, the 3rd round adds 2 large walls either side of the bridge and adds a super hot desert effect, the 4th round adds fire, embers and heat distortion and the final round adds a lot more plants and adds light rain.

    Power ups and weapon pads also get added throughout the rounds. On round 1 there are no power ups or weapons, on round 2 there is a speed boost, on round 3 there is an active camo, on round 4 there is an overshield and on round 5 there is a weapon pad equipped with the Corpse Maker. (Each side gets these power ups and weapons)

    I put a lot of effort into making this map and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

    Recommend player count is 4v4.


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