Boarding Pass

H2A Boarding Pass

- I took away some more of the map's aesthetic details to improve performance.
- Made the map compatible with the "Outlast" gametype. Still works with Hivemind though.

I don't really have any pictures of these updates but here's a video showing the map's most recent version.

Made some unexpected changes to Boarding Pass. Added an irremovable turret here (The turret is behind the sandbags. It just didn't spawn when I was taking the picture because I used the wrong gametype). This area has always been neglected even in the map's version in Halo 4. The turret has given it more activity and makes it a very decent holdout location.

There is also a route now from the bathroom to the sweat turret to give the Infected more options in attacking.

Infected can jump through this window now. This allows them to get close to the turret without being damaged by it.