Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon 2014-06-16

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
Slayer, Flood
Gamertag: Salsasandro

Tags: salsasandro, lagoon, waterfall ,pirate, ship, treasure, cavern

(in collaboration with Silberaffe) Idea and Leveldesign: Silberaffe, Aesthetics, Finishing and Balancing: Salsasandro

Also an older map originally designed for competitive, but i realised that it didn't worked the way competitive maps are made. Im better on Aesthetic forging anyway ^.^. It may be also good for a mini game map....

It is a themed Map and its set just on top of the Water at the foot of the biggest Island and uses also the "in the Island Glitch" to simulate a Cavern.

Features also a Waterfall, a Rope Bridge, a Fisherman`s Hut, a Treasure Case and a stranded Pirate Ship...and of course a lot of FUN to play it. ^.^ .
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