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Blood Gulch v.2.1

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
Slayer, Capture the Flag, Dominion, King of the Hill
Through out HALO's long history, Blood Gulch has always been remade. Halo 2 had coagulation, halo 3 had Vahalla, and Reach had Hemorrhage. Though HALO 4 did not have the same luxury, therefore, It is the duty of the community to finish this legacy. That, is this map. The closest map to the original Blood Gulch yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, Enjoy.
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4.36 star(s) 11 ratings

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  1. Halo 4 Blood Gulch

    Over many years Blood Gulch has captivated us with its simple design. As time went on, it...

Latest reviews

This map is fantastic for nearly any amount of players. The map is beautiful, great to play on and definitely one of my favourite forged maps.
Greatly appreciated, and thank you
Is as close as Blood Gulch will get using Halo 4 forge.
A really solid remake. It actually gives off that Blood Gulch atmosphere. Of course, with all of forge's limitations, it's not perfect. My number one and probably only complaint, is the size. Obviously this is a lot smaller than the original. I do understand why though. Great map, nonetheless.
Too vehicle based, and not exactly a perfect remake, but impressive nonetheless
It is, and I think if it were more to scale, that would be fine, but this is more for smaller games like 4v4 or 6v6. Which case ghosts and warthogs would be the extent of it.
Played team snipers on it. very well made! some framerate issues though cause of the modded maps, will use this map in the future though :)
Cool map, plays cool. If it was hilly then, this would be much better.
Good remake for such short time. However, there are some things off such as the hills and cliffs. The bases also need to be heightened a lot more.
due to the size of the map, and since it is a smaller scale, I couldn't make the hills taller without being awkward. So i had to lower the bases to maintain no base to base sniping. The other concerns I am working on.
very nice, hacked from the looks of it, but you do what you have to.
i prefer the term modded, but yes. Otherwise it looks a lot more... fake and ultimately does not feel like blood gulch.
love the map, wish it could be full size but nothin you can really do about that. over all love it and stop misspelling my name in everything related to this map please.
that was the only time!
Damn this is good! I would love some small changes aesthetically, but this map plays wonderfully! Awesome.
glad you enjoyed it :)