Black Site [Competitive]

Black Site [Competitive] 2

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
DLC Required
No DLC Required
Supported Gametypes
Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill
Black Site is an inverse symmetrical map designed at its core for 5 Flag. I set out to create a flag map that rivaled The Pit in flow and intensity with a base design that promoted movement and punished camping. Gameplay and player movement has been the primary focus since day one of this project. Black Site's design enables very fluid flow and encourages the use of acrobatics to move across the middle of the map.

I entered Black Site into both the 343/Certain Affinity FFA Contest and the 343 Industries Community Forum "Meet Your Maker" 4v4 Infinity Slayer Forge Contest, and it got selected as a finalist in both. Black Site made top 8 in the FFA contest and an outdated version of the map is currently in the Community Forge FFA Playlist. It was just announced today that Black Site won runner-up in the "Meet Your Maker" Infinity Slayer Contest, earning a feature on THFE, sharing 2nd place with Stigma, and coming second only to Edifice.

I constructed huge improvements to Black Site over the last few days, including the construction of a 2 leveled middle structure that effectively blocks the lines of sight across top and bottom middle. This structure is currently not in the matchmaking version, but the changes will be implemented into matchmaking starting Monday and screenshots of the updated map can be seen below.

Black Site Red.jpg
Black Site 1.jpg
Black Site 2.jpg
Black Site 3.jpg
Black Site 4.jpg
Black Site 5.jpg
Black Site 6.jpg
The Fated Fire
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The Fated Fire
The Fated Fire
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