Black Ops 2 Zombies - Town

Black Ops 2 Zombies - Town 1,0

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Survival - Town
It's a 90% exact replica of the map "Town" from Black Ops 2. I't includes the 2 box locations, the Pack a Punch, the bar, the Bank, the Juggernog and all the spawn points for the zombies and the humans. It also contains almost all the details from the original map, like the cars in the street or the perk locations. I also have to say that this map was forged on Halo Reach. (Note: I tried to link the custom gametype several times, but i cant. The gametype is in my fileshare.) Preview:
A view of the street
Screenshot (2).jpg
A view of the Bank
Screenshot (1).jpg
A view of the Quick Revive and one of the box locations
Screenshot (3).jpg
A view of the Juggernog
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