Behind the Sun

H2A Behind the Sun

The "Phat Lejj" version makes two tweaks to Behind the Sun. The first change is the addition of an exposed ledge which bypasses the uppermost ramp on the map. This ledge allows for exciting flanking opportunities as well as general trickery and should spice up engagements taking place along the top of the map.

behind-the-sun Screen Shot 2015-05-26 05-15-26.png

The second tweak addresses the ways players enter and leave the lowest platform on the map. Dropping down to this platform from the outside no longer requires players to then jump from a silly ledge as that ledge is now flush with the rest of the platform. The two lowest jumps on the OS cylinder have also been removed in favor of a more straightforward jumping option stemming from this new ledge.

behind-the-sun Screen Shot 2015-05-26 05-16-02.png