Beer Pong - 10 Cup

Beer Pong - 10 Cup 1

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
Custom Gametype
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Beer Pong
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Download Gametype (same as one used with 6 Cup)

For an easier version intended for smaller lobbies, see Beer Pong - 6 Cup

This is my new version of Beer Pong that has 10 cups on each side rather than 6. It is a bit more difficult than 6 Cup, and it is intended for larger lobbies. One major change is that there is no longer an explosion when a cup is made since it is already difficult and it doesn't work as well in large groups. The cups were built in a more economical way so I had more to spend on aesthetics and tried to make it look like a big ping pong table. I'll describe the game and features in each of the screenshots:

Get in a mongoose when you spawn.

Once you go past this shield you must be in a vehicle or you will be teleported.

Red team goes off their ramp and tries to land in the red cups.

Blue team goes off their ramp and tries to land in the blue cups.

Collisions occur occasionally.

Cups that have not been made are marked Deliver and will have the team color.

Making the last cup will win the round for your team.

The lower shield prevents you from scoring cups for the enemy. The shield on the ramp only allows the right team through.

After each attempt you will be teleported back to the starting platform to try again. There is a trait zone that protects the team on their side only. The mongooses are indestructible so the kill balls don't destroy them.

If you land on the opponent's side of the table you will be teleported to the opponent's side and three things will happen.

A trait zone will remove you from the mongoose that's protecting you, you will die, and the mongoose will fall through the shield and blow up in the ocean so it will respawn back on your side.

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Latest reviews

I like
the concept
I loved playing this in custom games. It was a satisfying experience but was lacking alcohol (sorry).
Very nice upgrade to the original 6 cup version. Beautifully crafted cups and fluid gameplay, this game is always fun!
But please make it 3 rounds (;