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Note: This map was created for Halo 4 on the Xbox 360, and is playable only via the Xbox 360 system. Unfortunately, it is not available for Xbox One. Looking for a map to play on the Master Chief Collection? Check out Entrenched.


Check out this map on youtube here.
Note- Since the updates to Halo Waypoint were applied some time ago, the download links provided in the youtube videos have not been functional and will not take you to the proper page to download the map. For the most reliable link to the latest version, please use the download buttons at the top of this page. Download instructions are given at the end of the map description on this page.

Since the release of Forge Island, many forgers have decided to take to the seas and try their hand at shipbuilding. As a result, there are forgers other than myself who have successfully created beautiful, detailed watercraft.

However, what sets this map apart is the outstanding gameplay, something that is missing from even the most beautifully forged ship maps. Many of them were built solely for their aesthetics and are not playable in custom games. Other ships have competitive design incorporated in some way which, due to the generally narrow nature of ships, is extremely limited, making its aesthetics the only feature that really stands out.

Battleship, however, was built both to play well and to look good while doing it. Gameplay is balanced and fun for both sides, as ensured by constant testing and re-testing, and continuous improvement. It is also unique- you won't find another map that offers an experience like this one. In addition to the excellent gameplay, the vessel does a great job conveying the ominous ship theme, and it has been packed with plenty of details that make it look great all over, from the perspectives of both the humans defending the ship and the flood assaulting it.

Because gameplay and aesthetics have been equally important to me through the creation of this map, and because the combination of the two in this map has reached standards unprecedented in the field of naval forging, I have complete confidence in my assertion that Battleship is among the best Halo 4 ship maps in existence.

X51000: "...the aesthetics were all there and astounding. I have the worst time making things look realistic in forger but this ship was breathtaking. Everything seemed like "ship" and nothing seemed out of place..."

Map Overview
This map is oriented around the UNSC Ghost Ship, one of the last water-based ships in service under the UNSC before they retire their watercraft in favor of the more versatile and capable spacecraft. The map has been thoroughly tested with lobbies of all sizes, and has been tweaked and perfected over time.

BS- Shot 3.0.jpeg

The Ghost Ship fires its main cannon at the attacking flood.

The humans will begin the round by grabbing a few weapons from the stockpile below deck, in an area directly next to where the humans spawn. Weapons up for grabs there include basic guns like the standard issue automatics and pistols, but also include some heavier stuff- a saw, a concussion rifle, and a railgun. All of the weapons regenerate themselves eventually, so if they run out of ammunition during the battle, the humans can head down below to fill up their weapons or exchange them. The weapons room, which is only a portion of the below deck area, is shown below.

BS- Weapons.jpg

After arming themselves, the spartans will then proceed through the chambers to a staircase, where they will rise through an opening in the deck. On the deck, there are several mounted turrets- two machine guns, two plasma turrets, and a high explosive 120mm naval gun (scorpion). The humans will occupy the turrets and prepare to repel the incoming flood, which will be attacking the ship from the port, forward, and starboard sides.

BS- View from Behind.jpg

View from behind the vessel. Visible are the two plasma turrets, the main battery, and one of the mounted machine guns. Certainly not the ship's prettiest angle, but it's the only shot I have showing the flood's starboard attack vector. Note that this screenshot was taken on a much older version of the map, and the ship's aesthetics and structure have since changed significantly.

The flood will spawn in a separate area within the cave. They will be marked by wayponts until they reach the ship so the humans will know where they are attacking from. Upon spawning, they will run through one of five man cannons, which will launch them through a low gravity zone towards the ship. The flood can maneuver left, right, forward, and backward to avoid incoming projectiles and make themselves harder to hit as they float towards the ship. The minimum time it takes for the flood to reach the ship after launch is about twelve seconds, giving the humans time to shoot them down on their way with one of the turrets or a handheld weapon.

BS- Gunfire.jpg

The ship's crew use a variety of weapons to hold off the incoming flood

The flood damage resistance is increased, so while they aren't unreasonably powerful, they are still much harder to kill than the traditional flood. This gives the flood a chance to survive the storm of fire that they will face as they approach the ship, and also serves to discourage players from camping below deck or elsewhere, and instead utilize teamwork like an actual ship crew would. A team that hides below deck will not have the advantage of being able to damage the flood while they're vulnerable in the air, and will quickly find themselves overpowered in close quarter combat as the zombies board and roam the ship unopposed. In the event the flood do reach the ship, it is up to those still on foot to use their weapons to take out the flood before they can infect too many humans. There are also a few structures on the ship, as well as the area below deck, to spice up the onboard combat. (Also, keep in mind that the flood can quickly destroy the main turret in the event of a boarding, so keep it well protected.) All of this combat unfolds within the five minute time limit for each round.

BS- Overwhelm\'d.jpg

The humans have suffered heavy losses after the flood bypassed their turret fire several times. The last few spartans must abandon their battle stations and run for their lives to avoid being slaughtered after the ship has been overwhelmed by flood.

The entire map was forged with aesthetics constantly in mind. Additionally, the weapons and turrets were placed very strategically to ensure not only that the game is balanced and plays well, but also that the ship looks awesome while its weapons are being fired. Furthermore, a ton of effort was put into giving the game an immersive and realistic feel. Because the ship looks its best while the spartans are actively firing their weapons, I cannot completely capture its full glory through screenshots. You'll get the best representation of the map by watching the linked youtube videos, or by trying it out for yourself.

This map, Battleship, is best played with at least nine players, with the optimal number being around thirteen. Because most of the trait zones failed, I was forced to add a separate gametype, "Battleship," to tweak the health, damage, and other traits as necessary, so please make sure to download that with the map.

Download Instructions
To acquire the map and game type, use the blue download buttons ("Download Map" and "Download Gametype") near the top of the screen. Once you hit either button and are taken to a page on Waypoint, find the arrows near the right of the page that will slide you over to the tab for the map or game type if you are not already on it. Once on that tab, hit "SEND TO XBOX" to automatically send the map or game type to your 360. Make sure to complete this process for both the map and the game type. Note that this map was created on Halo 4 for Xbox 360, and is not available on the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One.

Again, you can find videos for this map on Youtube here.

So hit me up with some feedback, guys. Whether it's criticism, compliments, or suggestions- constructive or not- I'd like to hear your opinions.

Halo 4 © Microsoft Corporation. Battleship was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo 4, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.
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Latest reviews

Very fun flood map. Great for large custom games. Nice work!
Thanks for the support!
This is an excellent Flood map. Shockbolt was able to make this map in a way where gameplay is very enjoyable for both Flood and humans.

As humans, it gets really scary and intense and to survive, they will need teamwork. For if one Flood lands on the ship, the entire crew could get overrun.

Gameplay starts out slow but escalates to something really enjoyable within a matter of minutes.

This is a very awesome Flood map and it really does deserve your download.

Great job here, Shock. Now, all you need to do is beat me in our 1v1 competitions. :P
Thanks for the review. I did put a lot of effort into ensuring balanced and immersive gameplay for both sides, and I'm quite confident that I've achieved that.

And next time we play 1v1 I'll destroy you!
Battleship is a twist between holdout Flood and a minigame of sorts. Magical infected flying towards a well-armored ship may not sound like a dynamic idea, but it really has more than meets the eye.

Teamwork is required on the parts of both the attackers and defenders. Each side needs to pay attention to all the different angles the ship is being attacked from. Eventually, a couple flood will have the luck to have the teleporter send them to the port side of the ship, usually starting the gradual process of cutting down the survivors. The armory provides help to the defenders - not taking advantage of this resource is critical in staying alive longer.

There's really nothing I can think of that needs to be changed. Countless hours of re-testing have rendered it, in my opinion, complete.
Thanks, glad you liked it!
Some serious work has gone into this map and it looks great. The ship is really detailed and functions well. I'm really impressed by how you made the flood 'fly' towards the ship too. My only critisism is the travel time from the land to the ship whilst vulnerable and uncontrollable, but it didn't seem to leave the infected at a disadvantage since they always eventually took over the ship.

My download should have bumped you up to tied top downloaded flood map. See you in customs!
The flood's vulnerability while in the air was the result of a gametype error I made while loading it up this time only. The gametype on my file share provides the flood with increased movement speed, allowing them to reach the ship faster and to move in any direction to avoid incoming projectiles.