Battle of Hoth scenery

Battle of Hoth scenery 2014-06-08

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I posted this once already on and was the first Star Wars Aesthetic level
see also my playable KotH Death Star Trench Level:

Since the ForgeCommunity moved here and i didn't forged for a long time and didn't follow the community..untill now :-D

Maybe someone still didn't know it.



starwars, salsasandro, hoth, shmeef, atat, atst, aesthetics

This map is set on Erosion, the only way to construct At-Ats because of the Pipes.

It ofters you a Power Generator

Ion Cannon

1 Atgar 1.4 FD-P Tower Laser Cannon

3 Laser Cannon Tower

1 Imperial Lamda class Shuttle

2 AT-ATs

1 At-ST

1 Snowspeeder (taking down one AT-AT with the Harpoon cable)

1 Rebel Transport Ship fleeing

features also shmeef Skywalker ^.^
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Latest reviews

I love it, Really awe-inspiring. Keep up the good work!
Thanx a lot bro ;-D.
I thought, the AT-AT's from that map ( are the ultimate... But now you come up with such a map! :D

Looks stunning even though it's build on Erosion. Overally good job.
You should make this on Forge Island with the "Forging Sand/Snow" trick. I don't care if there are no pipes, that's no excuse! Haha :DD

Keep posting. This is some good stuff...
Hehe. You are right! I was inspire especially by the Pipes.
Thats why i was motivated and why it looks so realistic. If i had more money left, i would had set also some special effects to simulates snow..
Thanx for your nice review. If you like Star wars maps, you may take a look also at my newest playable death star trench KotH map ;-D