Standard Artemis 2016-12-04

The Fated Fire
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Breakout Arena
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF
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Artemis is a small(ish), mirror-symmetrical Big Team Battle map designed for competitive Capture the Flag games. The map is set in an icy canyon dominated by a massive Forerunner structure buried in the snow and ice. This structure's purpose is unclear, but it appears to be drawing power from the ice itself and directing that power into a beacon projected into the sky.

The map is composed of a large curves bridge which branches off to create several positions of interest, both high and low, in the center of the map. A base exists on each end of the curved canyon, opposing one another at a 90 degree angle. A collection of spires and platforms create the other positions on the map, and these are connected by man cannons, teleporters, jumps, and a network of caves and tunnels.

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Weapons and Vehicles:
  • Sniper Rifle x2
  • Plasma Caster x1
  • Needler x2
  • Energy Sword x1
  • Scattershot x1
  • Overshield x1
  • Active Camo x1
  • Recon DMR x2
  • Carbine x2
  • Light Rifle x2
  • Gunfighter Magnum x2
  • Frag Grenade x4
  • Plasma Grenade x6
  • Splinter Grenade x4
  • Tundra Warthog x2
  • Ghost x2
Halo 5_ Forge 12_4_2016 4_16_55 PM.png

The Story:
Artemis began as a Narrows-inspired bridge concept known as "Diamondback" in Halo 2: Anniversary. The map had a less curved shape and was floating in midair. What eventually became the lower trench, Overshield platform, and Plasma Caster route were then a narrow infantry bridge flanking the main one. The map's vehicle circuit forced the Warthog through one-way routes to balance travel time between them and infantry.

During the September 2015 community forge visit, I pass the design onto The Fated Fire to combine with elements from Longbow to create a new BTB map for Halo 5. He added the curvature and man cannon routes seen in the map today, and moved away from the floating setting. He also upscaled the map substantially and added a third tier to the main bridge structure. This map, then known as "Torque" was deemed to be too competitively-oriented for Halo 5's BTB playlist and was significantly modified to become the map now known as Recurve.

Halo 5_ Forge 12_4_2016 4_17_10 PM.png

Once Halo 5's forge mode was released, Fated and I went back to the drawing board and refined the design into, essentially, what is present today. Vehicle routes were simplified in an effort to make Halo 5's underpowered Warthog more viable and to improve the flow of infantry engagements. The map's size was scaled back to create the pacing we desired for a fast-paced competitive experience. Over approximately 11 months of testing and refinement, the map evolved into the version posted here today.

Artemis was used in BTB's 2016 Summer Shootout tournament and continues to be a favorite for competitive BTB players. Patrons of more casual, large-scale BTB experiences are not likely to enjoy their experiences here.


Special Thanks:
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Latest reviews

Artemis is by far one of the best paced CTF maps I've played in Halo 5. Closely matched teams can see flag returns inches from the goal , and the combat is constant with just enough down time for players to make decisions before committing to a course of action.
Not so closely matched teams can expect to not have their negative experienced prolonged thanks to the ability to chain very fast flag captures together once an optimal setup has been achieved and maintained.

Overall a great map to warmup your BTB Magnum with and a great one to close out the lobby once everyone is warmed up and playing at their best.