Alkaline City

Alkaline City 1.4 (Final)

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Alkaline City
Map Built by: Orzium
- A linear progressive flood map designed on the Forge Island canvas -


Introduction -
Welcome halo custom users, today or night depending on where your located, I present my first linear progressive flood map on Halo 4 entitled 'Alkaline City'. Being both fast paced, aesthetically pleasing and upholding characteristics of hectic gameplay, you will always want to have a weapon at the ready...

Initial Completion Stage -
Before I dive into the newest version of the map, I want to take some time to jump back about 2 months ago when the initial version was just completed.


Like most forgers, I though my map was perfect, the overall look of the map in my eyes was brilliant but once tested for gameplay... Oww Boy! Gameplay was as bad as Orzium playing COD on a ps3 controller.
Clearly something was wrong when you receive feedback like this;
1. Quote - Shadow Kryptiic
“Change up the amount of zombie’s entrances and play with the layout”
2. Quote - Psychoduck
“No options but to throw yourself at the humans”
3. Quote - REMkings
“The biggest issue at this point is the lack of options for the zombies”

After numerous testing sessions, small tweaks and major changes, I finally have a final version of 'Alkaline City' that both plays well and looks great.

Current Version -
So the current version of 'Alkaline City' uses shield doors as a means of barriers for each stage. The map has both interior and exterior play spaces that use an urban environment, slightly destroyed theme that runs from an abandoned hanger to a small suburban street that has collapsed away.
-Images of Current Version-

The 'bloody' adventure begins here...
Don't just look at eye level...

Campers will be punished severely...

Where possible grab a turret... Infinite ammo ;)

Take in the natural and man-made beauty...

aren't going anywhere...

About the Stages -
Stage One (Abandoned Hangar)
The first phase has the flood running at humans from eye level height only. In order to balance this, the flood have three different and unique ways to attack the humans. Humans really need to work together if they want to pass the first stage. The smallest mistakes by the humans at this round will defiantly lead them to death.

Stage Two (Abandoned Construction)
second stage will feature flood attacking the humans from both below and higher than eye level. Make sure to cover the turret guy as this turret from the first stage will be essential in your survival at this round, as ammo is scarce.

Stage Three ( Hotel Under Construction)
The third stage incorporates all sorts of zombies enterences and they can choose at what height level they want to attack the humans. The turret placed on the lower level will need to be moved to the higher level so teamwork needs to be deployed in order to get that turret up. This stage will feature the most chaotic gameplay of all stages on 'Alkaline City'.

Connection Between Third and Fourth Stages.

Stage Four ( What road?)
This stage is the last hold out for the humans. It has an
arsenal of different weapons from sniper rifles to pistols. At this stage just accept that fact that your going to die.

About the Gametype -
This map plays with the 'Braindead' gametype which is a modded version of infection where by the flood can sprint. This particular mod features slightly faster flood and is a two hit kill for the flood.

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Cheers for Reading -Orzium :)
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Alkaline City 1.4 (Final)

    - Small changes to the rooms between third phase and hold out room. - Rocket removed from safe...
  2. Alkaline City Final

    - Last safe room only runs for 40 seconds now. - Made the map unbreakable (Cheers Buddy). -...
  3. Alkaline City 1.2

    - Major design change to second phase. - Teleporters have been positioned and moved around, in...

Latest reviews

Ahh, Flood maps. Nothing says Custom Games in Halo like the smell of fresh anus in the morning. And this map is a testament to the time honoured custom game, progressive infection/flood.

This map, when I first played it, I will admit, I disliked it. I constantly felt stuff was in my way when i wanted to Inject my flood spores into the tasty Spartan skin, often resulting in my death, and I would like to think I am quite good at playing the undying enemy.

But alas brothers! This map, it has evolved! Now, it feels balanced and can swing either way. The ravenous flood can gorge themselves greedily on the first stage, but just as equally the Spartans can make quite the Dinner show in their last stand, and will prove victorious just enough times to make this map fair. Not alot of flood maps make me enjoy them, I don't hate flood, but I find myself annoyed by it easily if the odds don't seem fair enough, and this map doesn't give me that feeling. when I die on this map, it was lag, bad teamwork or poor judgement on my part, and on Halo 4, those should be the only reasons your dying by on a flood map. Not because the map is unfair on one side in particular. As a flood, My prey is my enemy, not the map. As a spartan, the parasite is my obstacle, not the map. That's how I should feel.

Good work Orzium. When you make a map that a player who loathes most mini-games and flood maps like the one you created, you have a winner. I enjoy this map, and urge anyone, flood fan or not, to give it a try.
Darkrain you are the man. Thanks for the review. <3
I've played this map from the very beginning, and for your first flood map you sir have made a good one. I have broken this map so many times for you go back, patch the holes and to find another hole and finally complete it. The fact that you inspired your self to make a vertical block in that second holdout position that divides the map, from people just camping the gate is really great idea. This map is very team oriented and once you get to the end you're still not safe. Though it is scary as a monkey fighting for a banana when you get to the end. Great job and can't wait for another map from you. Recommended download.
Cheers Charles, I appreciate it :)
Alkaline City is a highly enjoyable Linear map. The first time we played it, everyone agreed that the aesthetics were awesome but the gameplay was shit. However, during the games we played on the map in my BIOC lobbies, you were constantly able to improve upon things until it got to the point where it is now. There's a guarantee for crazy action and fast-paced games when putting up this map in your lobbies. The phases are very different from one another and playing as a zombie is a lot of fun too, which tends to be a rare thing in lesser maps. Especially the final area is great, where the zombies can flank the humans using a somewhat hidden second access point over the rocks.
A few things I would point out that would devalue the awesomeness for a little bit are first of all, the fact that zombie spawns can be a tad bit awkward at times. Some people usually know how to move around in the Flood areas, but there are also people that kind of play as retards and therefore make it easier on the humans to kill them and survive, due to the fact that it's sometimes difficult to notice what route's best for you to take as a zombie. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, but overall, it doesn't harm gameplay too much so it's not a huge deal. A second thing I'd like to say is that the first phase can get really hard on the zombies at times, because no matter what route they take, they'll always be funneled through this small area in the middle to attack the humans. It's essential that they infect someone off spawn to stand a chance, but this is something that can be hard to achieve.

Altogether though, this has got to be one of the most fun Linear maps of Halo 4. Great job and keep up the good work!
I really appreciate your feedback Rem.... I will keep those extra things in mind for newer versions of the map. :)
This map is a blast. Fits perfectly with the Gametype and you must use teamwork both as the flood and as humans. Humans have to protect the wounded ones on the team and cover all possible avenues of attack, whilst the zombies have to coordinate and attack the same humans to whittle them down one assault at a time.
The visuals are superb too, it feels urban and cramped, just like it should.

I am impressed by the recent resurgence in great flood maps and this is right at the forefront of that wave along with 'city of grey'. Good job!
Thanks Juanez Sanchez. <3
I've never been a huge Flood fan, but I have a recent interest in linear flood maps and this map is one of the main reasons for that. Each stage I believe is quite balanced, you don't feel helpless as a human or too disadvantaged as a flood.

Nice work, Orz!
Thanks for the Review Chewy... I appreciate it :)
When I first played Alkaline City, I was greatly impressed by the aesthetics. Not so much by the gameplay. However, the map has greatly evolved from it's earlier versions making it the awesome and balanced map that it is now.

The Flood have plenty of options in each phase which would allow them to strategize and outsmart the humans.

In this map, teamwork is really needed if the humans want to succeed. The Flood can get overwhelming which creates some great, fun, and intense moments as a human.

The map is also fast paced which suits my playstyle.

Overall, Alkaline City is an enjoyable, balanced, and beautiful Flood map that I will gladly play multiple times. :)
Thank-you Zan for taking the time to review 'Alkaline City' Your brilliant :)