ÆTHER ARENA (Formerly Project Atlas)

ÆTHER ARENA (Formerly Project Atlas) V 1.0

So now we have a section that contains information for every official map for ÆTHER ARENA! As of this moment, we only have info for the first official map, Kronos, with more hopefully arriving soon!
Well the game is officially out of beta and is now called ÆTHER ARENA! I am so excited for this full version and I am hopefully aiming for a THFE map feature! The PA_ tags will remain the same for easy identifying (So no AA_ tags) and The Haven map has been renamed to PA_Kronos! Really excited for this release everyone! See you in the Arena!
The Raid Beta has officially been released to the public!

For those who don't know...Raid is a new take on Call of Duty's Search & Destroy Mode, Where the objective is to raid the enemy teams point and extract that point and successfully defending it or wipe out the entire enemy team to win the game...be careful, however, as the enemy team can convert the extraction so they win the round! You only have 1 life per round and the first team to 4 rounds wins the game!
I am happy to announce that the beta version of Raid has been set and will be shipped out to the public very soon! Specifics are not set for the official release date but it will definitely be very soon that the Raid beta will be out! For those who don't know...Raid is a very unique twist on Call of Duty's Search & Destroy Gamemode. The Raid Gamemode will be available with an updated version of the PA_Haven map.
The information on all of the classes are officially out now! It was tough to try and balance the classes, but I think I did good as my Pre-Alpha lobby had a healthy balance of classes and none were put over the other.Please know, however, that every class has their own weapons and AA, but they will all have 2 frag grenades, Mobility, & Dexterity equipped for the game. *Class information subject to change upon official release*
That's right, everyone. The Public Beta is officially out so download all 3 modes today and Be sure to provide feedback on what should change in the 3 gamemodes!
Development for the Project Atlas gamemode Onslaught is almost done and almost ready for a Public Beta release! If you decide to download the Gamemode I encourage you to take a look at the settings and provide feedback on what should be fixed and what should change! -Jokers
We are announcing that development for the first Project Atlas game mode, Onslaught, is currently underway and I am looking for someone to host a lobby to test out the Pre-Alpha version and provide feedback on what should be changed in the mode!
Added information on the official Game Modes for "Project Atlas" Hopefully we can get more info by the next week, or 2