ÆTHER ARENA (Formerly Project Atlas)

ÆTHER ARENA (Formerly Project Atlas) V 1.0

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Do you want to play in the Next-Generation of Arena Combat!?

Well we are announcing RIGHT NOW that we are currently working on a brand new Halo 4 Game that will re-define Arena Combat with:

-5 Unique Classes
-4 Game Modes (With more hopefully to be announced)
-Interactive environments
-Easter Eggs
-Team-Based Gameplay
-And much more!



The all-around Support of the group, The operator is equipped with a shotgun and a hardlight shield to protect their teammates from incoming attacks.

The class with the most fastest movement speed, and the perfect flag carrier for siege, The scout is equipped with a Battle Rifle and Has Promethean vision to stay one step ahead of their opponents.

The Mobile Sniper, The Guard is equipped with a DMR for long range & (to stay balanced) a magnum for close quarters. The guard is also equipped with an Active Camouflage to stay in the sniper's mood.

The medic of the group, but don't let the role fool you. The Grenadier is an incredible support class as they are equipped with a scattershot and a regen field to help heal themselves and nearby teammates.

Name says it all, the assault is perfect for offensive Gameplay as they are equipped with an assault rifle & a thruster pack to jump right into action.


-Onslaught (Slayer): Download:

Two teams battle it out in All-out Arena style Mayhem! Standard Team Death-match with six unique Classes and the first team to 1500 points or when the time runs out wins the game!

-Siege (Capture The Flag): Download:
Head into the enemy base and take their flag while protecting your own! First team to 3 captures or when the time runs out wins the game!

-King (KOTH): Download:
Two teams, One hill. Stay in the hill as long as possible to Gain points and win the game! The more teammates in the hill, the more points you score! First team to 2500 points or when the time runs out wins!

-Raid (Extraction): Download:
Raid the enemy team's extraction point and successfully extract the point, or wipe out the entire enemy team to win! Be careful, however, as the defending team can convert the Extraction to try and win the round! First to 4 rounds wins!


A medium size map with small, tight corridors and fast-paced in-your-face action. The definitive map for any Game Mode. Made by Jokers485.


NOTE ON MAP MAKING: If you make a map for ÆTHER ARENA then please message me the link to the map and I will definitely look at it and test it out but the map must have the following requirements:

I only have 3 requirements for all the ÆTHER ARENA Maps that are created:

1. You must have the name of the map as PA_[Name of Map] So I know it's for ÆTHER ARENA.

2. The maps should have interactive environments (Destructible environments or shields pop up if you cap a point in the Dominion Game Type). If you want help with Interactive environments here's a video from Petetheduck showing his Z Fighting map - Click Here

3. Any map that is created MUST be compatible with ALL of the Game Modes...Don't make a map for a specific Game Mode, as I want to play all the Modes on All the Maps both for Testing Purposes, and for fun.

4. Every map should NOT have any weapons and/or grenades on it! I want the players to only use the classes specified!


If there is any extra info that you would want to know about, feel free to ask me any questions.
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