Xbox Live Usage

Updated 10/20/2016

What do we collect?

When you log into HaloCustoms with Xbox Live we store your email address, gamertag, and an encrypted version of your session token.

Is it safe?

Yup! You never enter your Microsoft password into our website. You get directed to Microsoft and come back here once your identity is verified. We will never ask you for your Microsoft credentials.

What happens if I abuse the system?

A few things can happen. So listen closely! First, HaloCustoms Staff reserve the right to permanently ban you from using our website without notice or reason. Secondly, any Xbox Live service such as Conversations is controlled by Microsoft so they reserve the right, per agreements you made with them, to take whatever action they deem appropriate.

Policy Updates

This policy could change at any time without notice. If we require additional permission on your behalf we will notify you as well as ask you for permission upon signing in.


HaloCustoms is not affiliated with or sponsored by Microsoft, Xbox Live, or its subsidiaries. Logos and other services are trademarked by their respective owners.