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  1. Stevo
    Stevo ♥ Sky
    Y U SO GAY?
  2. RandomAmerican
    hey just looking for someone to mess around in forge with on MCC. hmu @ Serria 7
  3. DRTRAN101
    Hey just joined looking for custom infection games on xbox one masterchief collection... hmu if youre online rn DRTRAN101
  4. EmbarkingZeus
    Man, my last update was almost 2 years ago... Maybe I should have waited until it WAS a full 2 years. Oh well!
  5. Mr Rogers4
    Mr Rogers4
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanaka, and Happy other holiday you may be celebrating to everyone here!
  6. DC Valorstrike
    DC Valorstrike
    Looking for voice actors and forgers interested in Halo Lore
  7. AvengedElite
    its been 3000 years...
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  8. AvengedElite
    I can't believe this site exists
  9. AvengedElite
    ...what the fuck
  10. DC Valorstrike
    DC Valorstrike
    Looking for voice actors, machinima directors, and storyboard artists for a Halo related project
  11. DC Valorstrike
    DC Valorstrike
    It does feel a bit empty now, but there are probably a few of us left
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    2. Greenh2
  12. CDX34
    So... Does anybody use this site anymore? It always feels so empty when I check in.
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    2. SteelGreen
      Alot of halo sites are inactive at the moment because Halo 5 is stale and boring, come back when a new main halo game releases for activity.
      Oct 4, 2017
  13. LustSinTaboo
    Hi, my name is Andrew! I'm a 17 yo from Romania. I cme here in order to post my maps and make new friends ^-^
    1. Greenh2
      Hey, welcome to HaloCustoms!
      Aug 21, 2017
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  14. Mr Rogers4
    Mr Rogers4 Buddy
    Buddy.... I miss you..........
  15. Happycat31
    Halo 333
    1. Mr Rogers4
      Mr Rogers4
      Halo 4444
      Jul 28, 2017
  16. SteelGreen
    SteelGreen Such A Nice Tot
    Lol if you need your account back just ask Adderrson, tactics or Bigstack for help.
  17. boomer
    to handle explosions with care.
    1. Mr Rogers4
      Mr Rogers4
      I handled explosions with care once. Then I took an explosion to the face.
      Jun 22, 2017
  18. SteelGreen
    Pfffft, nothing personal kid.
  19. SteelGreen
    Oh look! A woman in a suit with an eyepatch came to whisk me away on a motorcycle.
  20. boomer
    boomer ♥ Sky
    *kiss kiss*