Huzzah, finally a week of content on sale that isn't complete and utter tripe. :p

Over on Xbox One the highlights this week are Alien: Isolation at 60% off and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at 45%. The former is certainly the better deal here and that game is also to a much higher critical acclaim but in all honesty, it could be "2 Spoopy 4 U". So rather than a single recommendation this week, feel free to pick your poison.

On Xbox 360 this week my recommendation rests on the shoulders of Stalking Simulator 2007 Assassin’s Creed (the first one) at 60% off. Although not as refined as it's sequels, it is a low cost backwards compatible game that hasn't been on "Games with Gold" that can further flush out your collection. So have at it.

Just as a reminder for you all when you look at the 360 deals, I mark content that is backwards compatible with :awesome:.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below;


Long ago, the forge community lived in peace. Then, everything changed when the Master Chief Collection attacked. Only the fileshare, master of content sharing, could stop them, but when the community needed it most, it vanished. ~100 days passed and we discovered the new fileshare... Yes, you heard right. Our beloved online fileshare is live on Halo Waypoint!

To view the filebrowser, visit Halo Waypoint and click your gamertag in the top right corner; this will bring up a drop down box. From that list, click on the "FILE BROWSER" option and voila, you're there! You can view any of your saved screenshots, videos, map variants, or game variants from this screen. To top it off, you can also browse the most downloaded files and view your bookmarks.

Now, this means good things for HaloCustoms! Remember when you found that cool map in our maps section? To download it, you had to walk to your Xbox, send a friend request to the author, wait for said request to register in Halo... etcetera, etcetera. Well, now we can retain those few precious calories! With the fileshare system up and running, you can now incorporate links into your map posts that a member can use to send files straight to their Xbox.

We're in the process of incorporating a download button into map posts, so bare with us. In the mean time, happy... uh, filesharing!

Getting a feeling of Deja Vu? Well you're not the only one. I hate to say it but once again but there's not much to shout about this week.

No point mentioning anything on Xbox 360 this week as there's no 'Back Compat' content on sale and frankly, I've made the joke about Farming Simulator 15 already in the past.

Over on Xbox One, Destiny's "The Taken King" expansion is a whopping* 25% off. The only good deal in my opinion is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection at 60% off. The problem here being that this particular game has been metaphorically discounted by this amount more times than I've had hot dinners. They really should slash it to this price on a more permanent basis.

If you want a great deal right now, download Sunset Overdrive for free on Games with Gold. Go, go do it now! Get to the choppa!

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below;


The purpose of this video is to bring attention to some missing features that were very useful for custom game lobby hosts in previous Halo games. Many of these features may only seem relevant to those who host custom game lobbies, but it's important to remember that they also impact the large number of players who like to join lobbies. With the current trend of Halo 5's updates, it seems unlikely that these particular features will return unless we show 343 how much we want them to return. A full file browser has been confirmed for future updates; otherwise, I would have included that as well.

Have one of these missing features negatively impacted your custom gaming experience? Please share below. #H5HostingPains

Video Topic by TurbTastic
Video Editing by Buddy Jumps
Commentary by TurbTastic

HaloCustoms vs the World? Guess again! This time we're teaming up to save the world from Covenant and Promethean alien baddies! If you haven't heard, the Warzone Firefight beta is live now until Tuesday, April 19th! As with every new mode, we're taking this opportunity to team up with the community in this limited time beta! The new mode only supports up to 8 players so we're spreading out into multiple lobbies to accommodate for the demand. We'll be streaming this event live on our official Twitch channel along with recording the events to mash together in a recap video on our new official YouTube channel! So come on down this weekend, bring your REQs (and please don't sell your Prophet's Banes... adderrson) and let's out-BR the Mythic Warden Eternal together!

The lobbies:
:ao Blargzone Saves the World: Lobby is over, thanks for coming everyone!
Hosted by: SOLIDSNAKEee

"If the Warden wants war.... we'll give him war." - SOLIDSNAKEee​

:carlton: Jesus Saves the World (again): Lobby is over, thanks for coming everyone!
Hosted by: Jesus in Malibu

"I'll die for your sins again... but only if that means I can complete my Warden Eternal commendation."

:fronk: Team Fronk Saves the World: Lobby is over, thanks for coming everyone!
Hosted by The Psycho Duck

Fronk meets Warden Eternal in this Sunday night's epic showdown....
The Community Cartographers are collecting Infection maps to be added to Halo 5's matchmaking playlist. While we don't have any dates to share, we know that 343 is intent on creating a playlist for this gametype shortly. We recommend that you submit your map to as many website platforms as possible to ensure that your map receives the recognition and attention it deserves.


Please submit your infection maps on Halo Waypoint by visiting the following link: MAP SUBMISSION THREAD.

Maps are due April 23rd

When your infection map is complete and you are submitting it on Halo Waypoint, please follow the proper format when submitting your maps. Simply copy and paste the provided structure verbatim into your post. Failure to include portions of your submission may result in your map not being reviewed, please make sure to include everything that is not listed under the Optional section. For screenshots, you are free to embed them in your post, but please include a link to the screenshot on as well, so that I can download the original file at full resolution. For videos, please try to keep your video under two minutes, if possible.

  • Map Name:
  • Author(s):
  • Gametype: (“Infection”, “Hivemind”, or create one of your own)
  • Map Description: (at most 1-2 sentences)
  • Screenshot: (XboxDVR link)
  • (Optional) Video: (XboxDVR or YouTube link)

  • 12 Players
  • All classic or previously existing infection game modes such as 'Infection', 'Hivemind', 'Braaains', etc.
  • Create your own custom gametype variant via custom menu...

A day late again? Well I assure you that you won't be a dollar short this week.

Once again we are faced with disappointment as the lacklustre savings persist. On Xbox 360 this week there's no Back Compat content on sale and not really anything that screams "BUY ME", unless you are a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of course. :p

All joking aside though, if you are of the gambling sort and fancy putting on your tin foil hat this week, I guess I could recommend Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix at 75% off. Due to being a cult icon and requiring little resources to run, it's an ideal candidate for future Backwards Compatibility support.

Over on Xbox One we are simply faced with crushed dreams. Fallout 4 AND Forza 6 on sale? Oh Boy! But alas with both at a mere 17% off the full retail price, your money would be far better spent on a physical copy where the prices on these titles are much lower than this sale price.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below;


Over the last month, fans of Halo 5 have been teased with constant previews of the upcoming content drop for Summer - Warzone Firefight. Yesterday, 343 Industries continued the trend with a live stream of a full match of the mode, showcasing both the new and familiar features to come. In addition, they dropped a friendly reminder that the beta for Warzone Firefight will be available to the public etween April 14 - 19! If you missed the stream yesterday, you can still watch the broadcast on the Halo Twitch channel.


If you're unfamiliar with the term, Firefight is a mode in which up to four players cooperate in a battle against several waves of attackers. This mode in previous iterations allowed them to battle in environments based on campaign missions, on foot or in vehicles, and against increasingly difficult waves of Covenant enemies. In the Halo 5 variant, however, players are situated on Warzone maps, hence the title. Players can take advantage of their REQs by unlocking tools to aid in the battle against the largest variety of enemies the mode has offered yet, including a new Mythic tier of bosses.

Remember; the beta on lasts four days, so we have until the 18th the play the hell out of it. Keep an eye out for some lobbies on the forum!

You read that bit right, we finally have our own YouTube channel! A few of you observant users may have noticed that little YouTube button that's been sitting at the bottom of the site for about a month now... or maybe not. During that time, we've been preparing and constructing the channel while also preparing ourselves (thanks for the Elgato by the way, Psychoduck) and finding time to do so in between our rather busy lives as of late.

Some of you may be asking yourselves "But why, uncle JiM, did HaloCustoms go ahead and started its own channel?" Well sit down, Bobbeh, and I'll let you in on a small tale. Once upon a time in the land of YouTube, there once was a noble YouTube channel called 'The Halo Forge Epidemic' or 'THFE' that was also partnered with the noble HaloCustoms website since the official launch of the site on January 9, 2013. The noble channel featured HaloCustoms related announcements, contest results and even lobby recaps up until late last year, but then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Circumstances out of HaloCustoms' control lead to the changing of the channel's name, leadership, and affiliation with the HaloCustoms family. This is where we introduce the brand new HaloCustoms YouTube channel, to fill that missing void THFE once held and more.

"Uncle JiM, you just said "we", so who are these people then? Who will be running this channel?" Now you're asking the important questions, Bobbeh. It's time to introduce our current team starting with our very own potato staffer and returning commentator from THFE, SOLIDSNAKEee, a community member who many of you may know who also runs his own personal channel, HAL0 M4N, and HaloCustoms' very own propane addict & yours truly, Jesus in Malibu!


So then... you thought that last weeks offerings were lacklustre? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

It's seriously slim pickings this week. On the Xbox 360 side of things there are only 4 items on sale, none of which are backwards compatible and one of the 4 sale items used to be a free download. Ouch.

Things are not much better on Xbox One either and the only thing I can honestly recommend is the Complete Forza Horizon 2 Add-Ons Collection at 60% off which contains every last piece of content ever released for the game (there's quite a lot). If you're a race fan and only have base game and enjoyed playing Horizon 2. I'd highly recommend this offer. For everyone else however, download The Wolf Among Us for free on Games With Gold. I'm working my way through it at the moment and think it's the cat's pyjamas.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below;