THFE, Oakley HiDef, AJ Yusi, and Bear Grylls introduce you to a new forging sensation: shmeefs!
This is hilarious and genius on many levels, I am so proud.
You guys rock.

This video details how to attain and then pilot a Pelican in Halo 4's campaign mission, Reclaimer.

The walkthrough covers a LOT of ground in a short time frame, so pay attention! It will probably take a couple attempts before you're successful, but when you are...

-Hello, Covenant?
-Wort Wort!
-This is Kenny Loggins, and you're in the DAANGER ZOOOOONE!!

So head on over to the Customs Games section of the forums and grab a couple buddies and roll!

[walkthrough courtesy of SomeFilthyCasuals]
Hey guys, check out this amazing effect in Forge!
this was discovered by MarcoStyle NL, great job to him for finding something so cool!

Using a Station Core on Impact, combined with the invisible object glitch (detailed in the video) you can create an electricity effect on your forge maps! Awesome!

-Ya mean it, no foolin', Mister?!

-Well, sure I do, sport! What good's a man's word if his word.. isn't right.. or lies... or- SHUTUP I TRIED A BIT. I DID A BIT AND IT DIDN'T WORK AND NOW WE'RE JUST GOING TO MOVE ON. OKAY? Okay.
  1. Navigate to Waypoint.
  2. Under the Career tab, click Classified.
  3. Click Enter Code.
  4. Enter in the symbols found in the image below, in the order you see them (left to right, top to bottom).
  5. Select the >> arrow in the bottom right corner.
  6. Enjoy your instant 20,000 EXP!