Rumors surrounding the next iteration of Microsoft's XBOX are finally starting to heat up, and I am happy about it. How happy are you, Lights? Happier than a Grunt on his birthday. There's one important new development about its, um, development (?), and one about its much-anticipated reveal.

Microsoft just acquired R2 Studios- whose head honcho is the brainchild of the Slingbox- with big visions of turning the next-gen XBOX, codenamed Durango, into a true set-top box. R2 Studios focuses heavily on home-automation, which is not something Microsoft is new to, necessarily, but should make significant headway in going commercial and making it more practical for the everyday user. Plus, the start-up R2 Studios was procured specifically for Microsoft's XBOX division. This all boils down to one of two eventualities:

A) The new XBOX is going to make big waves in the traditional TV/cable industry, and put Microsoft firmly in the lead of the ONE-DEVICE-TO-RULE-THEM-ALL race. Or-​
B) Humanity becomes even MORE sedentary and we get one step closer to This!​

My money is on both. Humans are the worst. Except for Major Nelson (SEGUE!), who all but shouted from on top of a mountain that the big reveal will finally go down at this year's E3! With a countdown along with an "And it's on..." blurb posted on his official blog, it finally looks like the hype train is starting to roll down the tracks. Someone tie me down. I'm ready.
Some guys figured out a way to get from the bases on Adrift to the man cannon region using jetpacks. There's a soft kill barrier to prevent camping up there and it seems pretty awesome. Check it out

created by PA1NTS​
I finally had the privilege of playing some of PA1NTS's maps last night in my recurring custom game session known as TSCGNP.​
I was extremely impressed by the creative layout he has come up with in this map.​
It is beautifully forged and interesting to navigate and play. One might even say I want to have sexia with exia. (Blame my writers for that joke.)​
I encourage you all to check out this fun and unique map offering.​
Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the map.​
To download this map:
Fileshare search > search by gamertag > PA1NTS
Have you ever wanted a gun which shoots Grunts instead of bullets? I know I have. And I know you have too. Check it out:

I saw this video by RecedingHairlineMan earlier today. It's been patched since, but in this video he shows you how you could use sprinting to accelerate your grenades farther, and faster across the map. This trick fooled the physics engine into transferring the acceleration of your sprint to the acceleration of your grenades, giving them a greater initial velocity.​
Apparently the trick has been patched since, but if you believe hard enough it might still work!​

The great thing about Red Bubble is that anyone can create a design and sell their art on t-shirts, hoodies, canvas, stickers, etc, and make money! You can create some art, sign up, upload your art, people [hopefully] like your product enough to order it on a shirt, so Red Bubble prints it on a shirt and ships it out, and pays you all the mark-up! It's why I love the site, and I love to support aspiring artists via buying their awesome shirts (I have SEVERAL Doctor Who shirts from Red Bubble). So take a look around! I've highlighted the Halo section, because RELEVANT! The ODST shirts are especially kick-ass!
Now I've always liked the Thruster Pack. Sure, it's next to useless, but it tweaks Halo's physics just enough to have some pretty outstanding effects. The Halo Council made a small tutorial for two such tricks, taking place in Haven and Solace.​

If you haven't seen this before, I strongly recommend you do. Like many others, I found the thruster pack to be pretty disappointing. But, with a small bit of knowledge, it's usefulness can revitalize the matchmaking scene. Give it a shot!
Hello everyone, Most of us remember the old days, the days when there were no fancy-shmancy coordinates. We had two crates, two crates and a barrel for a whole platoon! And we had to share the barrel! Back in these days, maps needed moar interl0x, and making even the simplest map was a struggle. That's right, these were the days of Halo 3's Foundry; the first Halo forge canvas. Que the video!

In an unexpected twist of creativity, Zatherla has, with assistance from Hushed Behemoth, recreated the all-but-forgotten canvas. The attention to detail is staggering, and if you never got to forge on Foundry back in the day, now is your chance! Thanks for watching, discuss! What were your favorite classic Foundry variants back in the day?​
Happy New Year everyone!!! As a annual tradition on all sites that I have involved myself in I post up the Australia's New years Fireworks as they are one of the first people into the new year. Take a look at how Sydney Australia's New Year celebrations will blow away any New Years here in America. Enjoy!

* I will be posting up other major cities and there events as the night goes on

All I've had today is like...6 gummy bears and some scotch. So this is gonna be a short one. Check out episode 4 of Defend the House's Halo 4 Mythbusters series!