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Discussion in 'Media Stream' started by Lights, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Lights

    Lights Ocelot Guru

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  2. Nondual

    Nondual Be in the Now

    Hopefully they'll release an official video any time now. A friend of mine that was there also said all three pallets would be available. I have to give it to 343, this is seriously cool.
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  3. Gore Jesus

    Gore Jesus Phantom of the Forum

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  4. Fiesty Fedora

    Fiesty Fedora Expert

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  5. Lights

    Lights Ocelot Guru

    As soon as anything of higher quality shows up, I (or anyone in the staff) can and should add it in :)

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  6. Wakko45

    Wakko45 Kill-Steal Guru

    *Everybody stops their current Forge projects to wait*
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  7. StuPIRATE

    StuPIRATE Expert


    ^ that about sums up my thoughts on this matter.
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  8. Monster Debaytes

    Monster Debaytes The One and Only Staff Member

    I don't know what to do about the Get a Clue Forge Contest anymore... :/
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  9. Is that a new skin palette I see? I'm really hoping it is. Those pieces seem a bit more muted and less shiny than the ones on Ravine and Impact... Might remake Stigma on there if the pieces look better :p
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  10. SeanM666

    SeanM666 Qualified

    bout time i was wonderin if they decided against it or not.
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  11. StuPIRATE

    StuPIRATE Expert

    Either limit it to the original 3 canvases, which is probably a bad idea. Or extend the deadline by about 10 days. :)
  12. The Walking Ted

    The Walking Ted I Used to be Somebody

    There will be new UNSC pieces and structures :D

    Nice one getting on this so fast, Lights. Good job!
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  13. SeanM666

    SeanM666 Qualified

    im done on my map i just need help understanding the game clue cuz when i read the explanation i got confused and so i just put 16 spawn points an a oddball for the game to work. didnt know if there was teams or not so i didnt color the spawns like i was goin to.
  14. Soleless Shoe

    Soleless Shoe Commander Shoebert Staff Member

    Well, this is a dramatic turn of events.

    I can honestly say I wasn't expecting this. If all goes well, 343i gets some serious brownie points. I had a project I was thinking about for Ravine, but need new info now.
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  15. Albreich

    Albreich Proficient

    Bet this is a troll. :rolleyes:

    Edit: :eek: :D :insane:
  16. Gore Jesus

    Gore Jesus Phantom of the Forum

    Its like 8000% confirmed, what more evidence do you need?
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  17. CooliestRap

    CooliestRap Expert

    I knew it! That's great I can't wait. I hope to see some cool dominion maps and btb maps come out of this!
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  18. Shiralai

    Shiralai Emoticon Guru

    makes me happy though it seems no fine editing :(
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  19. I figured there would be map specific pieces on the new canvas just like the others, but has there been any conformation or news about what exactly? I'm SUPER curious now :laugh:
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  20. Soleless Shoe

    Soleless Shoe Commander Shoebert Staff Member

    On IGN, Polygon, Facebook, Twitter, etc...

    If this turned out to be a lie, they would lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of more than just the forging community.
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