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Discussion in 'Media Stream' started by Lights, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Lights

    Lights Ocelot Guru

  2. Nondual

    Nondual Be in the Now

    Hopefully they'll release an official video any time now. A friend of mine that was there also said all three pallets would be available. I have to give it to 343, this is seriously cool.
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  3. Jesus in Malibu

    Jesus in Malibu Phantom of the Forum

  4. Fiesty Fedora

    Fiesty Fedora Expert

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  5. Lights

    Lights Ocelot Guru

    As soon as anything of higher quality shows up, I (or anyone in the staff) can and should add it in :)

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  6. Wakko45

    Wakko45 Kill-Steal Guru

    *Everybody stops their current Forge projects to wait*
  7. Stupid

    Stupid Expert


    ^ that about sums up my thoughts on this matter.
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  8. Master Debaytes

    Master Debaytes Glorious Manly Leader Staff Member

    I don't know what to do about the Get a Clue Forge Contest anymore... :/
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  9. Is that a new skin palette I see? I'm really hoping it is. Those pieces seem a bit more muted and less shiny than the ones on Ravine and Impact... Might remake Stigma on there if the pieces look better :p
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  10. SeanM666

    SeanM666 Qualified

    bout time i was wonderin if they decided against it or not.
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  11. Stupid

    Stupid Expert

    Either limit it to the original 3 canvases, which is probably a bad idea. Or extend the deadline by about 10 days. :)
  12. Tedium

    Tedium \o Staff Member

    There will be new UNSC pieces and structures :D

    Nice one getting on this so fast, Lights. Good job!
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  13. SeanM666

    SeanM666 Qualified

    im done on my map i just need help understanding the game clue cuz when i read the explanation i got confused and so i just put 16 spawn points an a oddball for the game to work. didnt know if there was teams or not so i didnt color the spawns like i was goin to.
  14. Flying Shoe ILR

    Flying Shoe ILR Commander Shoebert Staff Member

    Well, this is a dramatic turn of events.

    I can honestly say I wasn't expecting this. If all goes well, 343i gets some serious brownie points. I had a project I was thinking about for Ravine, but need new info now.
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  15. Albreich

    Albreich Proficient

    Bet this is a troll. :rolleyes:

    Edit: :eek: :D :insane:
  16. Jesus in Malibu

    Jesus in Malibu Phantom of the Forum

    Its like 8000% confirmed, what more evidence do you need?
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  17. CooliestRap

    CooliestRap Expert

    I knew it! That's great I can't wait. I hope to see some cool dominion maps and btb maps come out of this!
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  18. Shiralai

    Shiralai Emoticon Guru

    makes me happy though it seems no fine editing :(
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  19. I figured there would be map specific pieces on the new canvas just like the others, but has there been any conformation or news about what exactly? I'm SUPER curious now :laugh:
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  20. Flying Shoe ILR

    Flying Shoe ILR Commander Shoebert Staff Member

    On IGN, Polygon, Facebook, Twitter, etc...

    If this turned out to be a lie, they would lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of more than just the forging community.
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